13 06 2023


17:00 - 18:00

Webinaari: “How to succeed in Franchising in Germany”

Mikäli franchisingketjun laajentaminen Saksan markkinoille kiinnostaa, kannattaa osallistua!

“How to succeed in Franchising in Germany”

An EFF webinar in cooperation with the DFV, Germany’s lead association for franchising.

Guest speakers:

• Michaela Fischer (DFV, Head of Member Support) snapshot of franchising in Germany and working with the DFV

• Dr. Dagmar Waldzus (Buse Rechtsanwälte) franchise attorney, overview of the legal framework and market entry challenges for international franchise systems

• Carina Felzmann (MFV) show director of Franchise Expo Germany, on the possibilities for international participants

• Arne Dähn (DFV, Deputy Managing Director) the DFV quality management-seal with Dr. Martin Ahlert, Head of igenda / International Center for Franchising & Cooperation (F&C), responsible for the DFV system check

The meeting is open to all WFC member associations and their franchise members.

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